Problems in RERA Filing

The RERA Act aims to Regulate and Promote the Real
Estate Sector. The main aim of the Act is to protect the interest or buyers and promote timely delivery of properties or projects.

RERA requires every promoter of registered Real Estate Project to carry out quarterly updates of the project on the MAHARERA website. The promoter should ensure that project details are updated on regular basis. The upper limit of filing

RERA Returns is upto a maximum 90 days. The builders public facing website should also contain a field on “Project Last Updated on” for public view. Rera filing is a time-bound activity, that attracts fine if not filed within the statutory time frame.

Without a digital document, consultants are forced to rely on manual document management and tracking methods, which is prone to errors, delay in filing, back and forth of data, duplication of efforts and several follow up actions to chase the consultants. There is interdependency of information which results in the delay in gathering required information for RERA filing.

Platform for quarterly RERA filing (Form 1, Form 2, Form 3, Form 4)
Architects, RCC Engineers and CA submit & validate their data on the same platform
All previous RERA returns saved till project completion
Building wise & project wise distinct breakup of information
Filing process simplified and prone to fewer errors
All stakeholders can see latest Project developments online
See multiple projects on single login

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