Alex_Destro Septem
Septem, the most dangerous being on earth who has seven other personalities that depicted from 7 deadly sins myth. What if somehow this person and all his other personalities got reincarnated in sword and magic world while retain their memory. Will they reclaim as the most dangerous being again? Seek Septem on his adventure in sword and magic world with many possibilities.[Tags]: R-18, Sword...
Sakki Chigi Being Able to Edit Skills in Another World, I Gained OP Waifus
Nagi who was summoned to another world acquired 「Rearrange skill」skill. Nagi felt the hints of black job from the king’s request 「To defeat the devil king」. He leaves the castle and starts his journey with a slave girl. Small Cecyl the demon race, Rita from the fighter lineage the demi-human, Aine the elder maid, Regii the cursed sword. Rafuiria the elf, Iris the dragon sea shrine maiden. Nagi rewrites the girls’ skills and made them into 「cheat characters」one after another.
EmzySS Mistake - A Naruto Fan-Fiction
I wasn 't born a nobody. I wasn 't someone to be looked over. I wasn 't just 'someone '. I was someone near the top. I had people 's eyes on me. I wasn 't a mistake.I was blessed.Now, in this new life, it seems like I have to start over…… as the complete mistake the universe itself had created._____I do not own Naruto, but do own the OC 's.