Most common complaints

Most common complaints are on delayed delivery of apartments houses or Failure to provide promised amenities
About 80 complaints have been registered against developers across the state in the past 62 days. A majority of these complaints are against realty projects in Bengaluru,” said Karnataka RERA chairman and housing secretary Kapil Mohan

The Measure of Progress of each Block/ Type/ Wing/ Bungalow/ Category

Promoter has to ensure that No NOC would remain “Non Uploaded” before end of the 100% completion of the respective “Block/ Type/ Wing/ Bungalow/ Category”. All applicable NOCs for the block should be uploaded before or by the progress of the block reaches 100% completion.

Promoter also has to provide Photographs depicting the overall and floor wise progress of the respective selected (from the dropdown menu) Block/ Type/ Wing/ Bungalow/ Category. ​

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